Wednesday, May 2, 2012

832 Sprague Street Zoning Petition

Public Hearing On Zoning Petition Of Ignacio And Delia Alvarado From HB-S TO GB-L General Business – Special Use Limited Zoning. (Combined Use) Property located on the south side of Sprague Street, west of Burgandy Street - Containing approximately 0.38 acre located in the SOUTHEAST WARD (Council Member Taylor) - Zoning Docket W-3142. [Planning Board recommends approval of petition.] The request would expand the list of commercial uses that could locate adjacent to single family homes. The GB district provides more flexibility to the site than the existing HB district. Current Land Use Existing multi-tenant commercial building The subject property was originally rezoned in 1976 and the existing structure was built the following year. It appears that renovations to the site have occurred in recent years. Parking areas have been repaved, bufferyards have been installed, and the façade of the building has been updated.